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e-mail: biuro@vwmania.org

Właściciel: vasil39
Marka: vw
Model: passat 32b 3 door hatchback
Silnik: 2.0 16v turbo
Moc [KM]: 400
Zawieszenie: -60mm springs +koni shocks
Koła: weds rs-5 ss lightwheit
Nadwozie: yellow
Wnętrze: stock
Audio: no

.Here is my project. the basic idea of construction is a slipper, not an exemplary old car with improved running characteristics. the car is modified in all directions, because you can not use a good engine and bad brakes;)   Probably the most interesting change in the car is the setting of a full-drive 2-generation quattro. the only in the world swap all-wheel drive in the 3-door body. I saw a photo from the Volkswagen Museum, where the image was all-wheel drive prototype 3 door bodywork and it inspired me. for a basis body elements from the versatile person which have been transferred to my body under factory drawings have been taken. short specs:) 2.0 tall block,8v pistons,h-beam,16v abf head with cams,custom exsthaust manifold,garrett gt3076r,rs4 b5 01e 6speed gearbox,rs4 clutch,custom flywheel,870cc ingectors+bosch 044 fuelpump.interior stock+ vdo gauge and 260/8000.ECU January 5.1 boostcontroller,lanch,shiftassist. 312 mm + 4 pot brakes. top speed 260+ (Speedometer ends)

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